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CASE: The Benthic Ti case is made from Grade 5 Titanium. Grade 5 is a workhorse alloy for the aerospace industry, containing palladium and nickel, giving the alloy it excellent resistance to acid, salt water and chloride. It's also extremely difficult to machine.

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Speedmaster Day-Date Caliber 1045

Biver sold Blancpain to the Swatch Group a few years ago. The brand’s CEO right now is Marc Hayek, one of (the late and regrettably lost) Nicolas Hayek’s sons. His rule of the brand has taken it into a series of different directions, and Blancpain has a few distinct personalities as a watch maker. Those personalities include being a classic watch maker, a complicated watch maker, and dive watch maker, a racing watch maker, and a contemporary high-end complex avant garde watch maker. They also have adopted a mechanism similar to the tourbillon called the carrousel. Why? I hear it is because they feel too many people are making tourbillon based movements and they wanted to be different. It is a small distinction, but yet another angle to the brand’s personality. Oh, and they make extremely well-made and high quality animated erotic watches. Yes, you surely should not forget those.

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Clerc Odyssey S Watch

Clerc Odyssey S Watch

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Unlike the Perrelet Turbine XL America limited edition, these two models use the original Turbine case that is 44mm wide (and does not have the side claws). The Turbine 007 (ref. A8008/1) is done in a steel DLC black coated case with gold-toned elements throughout. The center of the turbine is actual 18k rose gold. License to Play what exactly? I think the watch is cool, but I don't see the 007 theme in there that much. Perrelet will produce 888 of these.

What I like about this project is that Fonderie 47 isn’t the type of company to make a philanthropic claim that it may only possibly ever be able to fulfill. The entire flow of going into Africa to find and buy guns, as well as destroy them has been considered and planned. They had to do it at least a bit to get machine gun metal for their launch products. I did put John to the test with many probing question and feel pretty confident that the claims of the brand are not mere marketing dribble.

Chronoswiss seems to suggest that the layout of the dial on the movement is meant to evoke an image of a butterfly. I guess that is the case but I don't believe that the butterfly analogy is necessary to justify its looks - it is quite nice enough on its own. The watch dial is solid silver which has been richly engraved with a number of textures and patterns. The look is not overdone at all and the dial is still very legible. You know what else I like? That Chronoswiss made sure to include both the name of the brand and the model on the dial. How many watches can you think of that even have the name of the model included on it anywhere?

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Angle of lift :     52°

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Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Retrograde Annual Calendar Watch

Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Retrograde Annual Calendar Watch

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Speedmaster Day-Date Caliber 1045

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Number of case components: 53

Before being at Hublot Mathias Buttet ran BNB Concept. When the economic crisis hit and BNB Concept went out of business, Hublot (a large customer of theirs) bought up much of their resources and hired Mathias. While still at BNB he was working on the replication (not exact in terms of shape, but in terms of function) of something that was known as the Antikythera. The project was never completed and when Jean-Claude Biver hired him, he made promises to Mathias that he could still pursue certain pet projects such as this. Mathias was happy to inform me recently (as he has a few times actually) that Jean-Claude has kept his promises.

Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon 311.

Hours and minutes on right dial, power reserve indicator on left dial

Did y'all know Seiko is 130 years old? Yes sir! And this year their US roadshow event featuring Grand Seiko watches will be celebrating that fact with some fun events. Yours truly will be at the Phoenix, Arizona event on October 14th 2011 held at Seiko's number 1 Grand Seiko dealer; Arizona Fine Time in Scottsdale. Come for the watches - stay for the food/drinks/cigars (these are also the people).

One thing I can say for sure, Dievas did pull off an even more serious looking version than the original - and by serious I mean better suited to serious duty for military folk (and people who like to pretend they are military folk). The only thing I believe that these types would change is the strap. Not that I don't like the black treated leather with red stitching, but rather I think it is more fashion and function. I would keep that strap for street use, and get an all black strap for more "kill or be killed" use. Actually, Dievas offers the strap with red or black stitching which I now learned after looking into it.

Take on the High Seas with a New Diver’s Watch

A pyramid in now Mexico is built to honor Kukulkan. There are engraved statues of his image there. An image that is replicated on the Kulkulkan watch on the dial and the back in high relief. The "219" name of the brand refers to some Mayan calendar numerals on when Kukulkan is due to return (or something like that). To me the neon green design of the watch mixed with black and looking all technical reminds me of Japanese Gundam characters. Though I do think the dial design is sorta cool, especially how "219" is integrated into the snake's mouth. For hour indicators the watch presumably uses the Mayan numeral system.

I will create a very general example that represents how this works. A watch coming out of the factory costs ,000 to produce in terms of parts and labor. The manufacture wishes to make some profit on the watch so the price to the distributor is ,500. The distributor is in charge of getting the watch to retailers. But first the distributor needs to get the watches out of the country, and into other countries. This gets import and export taxes and duties involved - which vary greatly on the placed involved. They are often based on the value of the watches. In addition to paying these customs, the distributor also needs to take a cut for profit. The distributor also has to find retailers (and hires sales people). To cover all these expenses and make a profit, the distributor charges the retailer ,500 for the watch. The retailer is then charged with getting customers in the store, and must hire and pay sales people (who are often on a percentage commission + base pay revenue model). Marketing costs are often (ideally) distributed between brand, distributor, and retailer. In order to cover these costs, plus the commission for the sales person in the store and get a profit, the retailer needs to charge ,000 for the watch. You can now see how a watch that cost ,000 to make can very reasonably be sold for ,000 in a store.

Stolas Harbormaster Spinnaker Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews At some angles the dial appears flat black or grey, depending on light source. However, the skeletonized black-on-black hour and minute hand tend to vanish against the dial. The Genoa version uses blue-on-white and seems more legible. Unlike the vivid seconds hand, they take a bit longer to spot and read and really the skeletonization isn't needed as there are no subdials to block.

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The kit also include a pair of cuff links - which are different in the steel or gold models. The gold cufflinks are a bit more fancy. Actually, Milus usually offers neat cufflinks. If you recall I wrote about their Kama Sutra rotor cufflinks here. The gold cufflinks have one with a working compass, and one with a little storage box (you know for keeping a cyanide pill or some ecstasy). Each of them fold open with a motif of a plane and gold propeller on the outside. The slightly more simple steel cufflinks are a pair of compasses. Really nice little items.

Let's start with a real altimeter. Here's one from a plane I used to fly:
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