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Seiko communicates that in parallel with producing this 2014 novelty collection they will also keep on offering the larger models–still equipped with the original 7X52 caliber. All in all this leaves us with two calibers, two sizes and a sum of 26 different models in the Astron line of watches. This year's additions include eight regular production and one limited edition model: four variations in steel and four in titanium with super-hard coating, with the flagship limited edition of 7,000 numbered pieces also coming in titanium.

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Their latest release heads down to Central and South America, with tribute being paid to Simón Bolívar (ref. 40.2213.8805/36.C714), Ernesto “Che” Guevara (ref. 18.2214.8805/36.C713) and Emiliano Zapata (ref. 34.2210.8805/36.C713)–and this is something I feel the need to comment on. Not in the sense of why these particular men were selected, as they're indeed icons that contributed greatly to the countries they influenced. Rather, it's the choice of enmeshing their likenesses into a luxury watch.

Grand Seiko is offering the new Hi-Beat 36,000 GMT in three references, the black dial SBGJ003, the white dial SBGJ001 and the limited edition SBGJ005 which sports a lovely green dial with a yellow GMT hand.

One of the difficulties Kairos has had to overcome is the transparent display, and getting it just right. The following are pre-production units, CNC and 3D printed prototypes. What's important to pay attention to here is the transparency of the screen when looking at those substantial mechanical watch hands. Sam Yang tells us that these prototypes are less transparent than production units, and that the improvement comes, in part, from placing the screen closer to the face. In one of the prototype pictures, the screen is on top of the watch, with another layer of glass underneath it. We included these pictures to give you an understanding of the work going into making these smartwatches.

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Stephane Linder sits in front of me and a small group of journalists comfortable in his new role as the global CEO of TAG Heuer. He was a top executive in the US with the brand prior to his promotion, and seems very comfortable back home in the Swiss countryside. Sharp and witty, Linder is an engineer and former product development guy who is intimately aware of the the ins-and-outs of movement and watch making. He replaces former TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin who has moved on to LVMH sister brand Bulgari. One a businessman and one an engineer, Babin and Linder share a friendly charisma and extroverted passion but are two very different men. Linder is now charged with taking TAG Heuer to the next level, which very much involves in-house made chronograph movements.

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Hands-On: Omega Speedmaster 311. Review

L. Leroy (Le-raw, not Lee-roy) was a prominent watchmaker in the 18th century and his name appeared on pocket watches and wristwatches in the early 20th century. The brand has been resurrected as a high-end luxury brand and we recently had the chance to take a look at some watches from their Osmior collection. If you are looking for a high-end tourbillon watch that’s not from your usual suspects, these are well worth a second look.

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Autodromo Prototipo Watches: Modern With Retro Racing Style

Autodromo Prototipo Watches: Modern With Retro Racing Style

If anything, the Japanese Hajime Asoka Project T is a testament to how the Japanese can adopt an idea from another country's culture and put their own spin on it. I've long since been fascinated by high-end Japanese mechanical movements (and products overall), and I love how in this case you don't just see a Japanese execution of a Swiss product, but a Swiss concept that is combined with Japanese manufacturing intelligence.

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So, in simplifying the LM101 what did they do? If you recall, the first Legacy Machine LM1 (hands-on here) had two dials for the time and a neat "vertical" power reserve indicator. Going much higher-end, the Legacy Machine LM2 (hands-on here) featured a much more complex movement with dual balance wheels. So how is that all simplified? The LM101 has just one dial for the time, one balance wheel, and a more traditional power reserve indicator.

Revisiting Le Brassus: Audemars Piguet Watches Mix Serious Horology With Iconic Designs Inside the Manufacture

Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Rattrapante 3582.51.00

The next, and very fun bit of inspiration comes with the case back. The movement is hiding behind that lovely textured case back, which flips open - just like the cover of a pocket watch would "hunter style." Totally unexpected, and completely appropriate for where this watch is coming from. Simply put, I love it. And then, once you have the case back flipped open, you can see that movement. The best part is the guilloche machine engraved case elements which are in sterling silver.

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Given everything Rolex has done over the years it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have an internal Research & Development department. However, Rolex takes it well beyond that. Rolex has not one, but several different types of extremely well-equipped professional science labs at their various facilities. The purpose of these labs isn't just to research new watches and things that may go into watches, but also to research more effective and efficient manufacturing techniques. One way of looking at Rolex is that they are an extremely competent and almost obsessively organized manufacturing company - that just happens to make timepieces.

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At 44.6mm wide with strong lugs, this is a large watch, though at just 13.45mm thick it isn't terribly tall for a diver. The steel case is classic in its composure but designed with a lot of straight lines and angles that point to a more contemporary creation. This is not just another retro diver. That is getting to be a crowded market. It is really about having luxury detailing on what is essentially a fun sport watch. I do feel as though the debut version is a bit limited style-wise as they could have come out with more color options, but if you love blue and black you'll love the ScubaTec.

When the time is right (usually in the early afternoon on the press-only day of Basel) Rolex opens up the case and pulls off the hoods–pretty much all at the same time–to reveal the new watches.

Up in the air testing the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter watch, I wanted to compare it with the digital altimeter in my Casio G-Shock Rangeman (reviewed here). In many instances mechanical watch brands release things which are supposed to be "awesome" but are easily available in a more accurate, and cheaper digital package. So I was interested to see how Oris - a reliably good "tool watch" brand - fared against a digital altimeter watch.

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Currently the big three Japanese watchmakers (Citizen, Casio, and Seiko) each have timepieces that offer the ability to directly connect to GPS satellites in order to receive the correct time. It is very important to note that each of these watches act differently. Further, in addition to each having a very different design, the various models each have their respective pluses and minuses.

What many people will no doubt like are the mid-sized dimensions of the case. At 40mm wide, this is a rare item these days when it comes to a timepiece of this ilk. 42mm, 44m, or larger sport chronographs are easy to find, but a nice modern 40mm wide chronograph can be challenging to come across... I mean other than the Rolex Daytona. At about 15mm thick, the Marinemaster Vintage isn't a small watch, but it does have a more comfortable stance on the wrist that I like. This Fortis doesn't feel like a small watch though. Longer lugs and a rotating bezel that is not too thick helps keep it feeling reasonably sized.

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Currently the big three Japanese watchmakers (Citizen, Casio, and Seiko) each have timepieces that offer the ability to directly connect to GPS satellites in order to receive the correct time. It is very important to note that each of these watches act differently. Further, in addition to each having a very different design, the various models each have their respective pluses and minuses.

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Second up is the seriously slick ALS Saxonia Automatic Outsize Date (ref. 308.047). Coming in at 37 x 9.7 mm, this automatic dress watch is signature Lange, featuring a beautifully balanced dial with a central outsized date at twelve and a large seconds display at six. Powered by the ALS in-house L921.4 Sax-0-Mat movement, the Saxonia Automatic Outside Date has a rather practical special feature. The Sax-0-Mat movement resets the seconds hand to zero when the crown is pulled out, allowing for fuss-free synchronization with an accurate time source.